[How to take royal jelly correctly]_Efficacy_Eat

[How to take royal jelly correctly]_Efficacy_Eat

Royal jelly has a lot of nutritional ingredients, and it is very rich in estrogen. It is very suitable for menopausal female friends to take in estrogen. Because of this, children are not suitable for royal jelly.It is very easy to cause precocious puberty. Royal jelly has a lot of nutrients, but it is also very difficult to store. So, how to take royal jelly properly?

Royal jelly is also called royal jelly, referred to as royal jelly, is it 5?

Milky white or pale yellow pulp secreted by the vegetative glands of the 5-day-old worker bee head.

More than 90% of the world’s royal jelly is produced in China, so the purity of Chinese royal jelly is lower than abroad.

Royal jelly is called a health treasure because of its small amount, but its medical and health care effects are rapid and significant.

Fresh royal jelly contains royal jelly, water, dry matter, and ash. 12, 3% of the dry matter is protein, 5, 4% is aunt, and 12,5% is reducing material. There are still unknowns.

1. Amino acids Amino acids are the composition of proteins.

Royal jelly contains more than 20 amino acids, the higher content of which are lysine and aspartic acid.

Threonine, leucine and glutamic acid.

2. Aunt royal jelly contains at least 26 kinds of free fatty acids, accounting for 8% to 12% of the dry matter weight.

Among them, the most important one is the fatty acid that only exists in royal jelly in its natural state, also called royal jelly acid.

The content of royal jelly acid is one of the important indicators to test the quality of royal jelly, and the separated pure body is white crystals.

3. Vitamins and minerals The queen bee paddle is rich in vitamins, mainly including vitamin B1, vitamin A, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, biotin, and folic acid, among which vitamin B1 content is relatively stable.
In addition, royal jelly also contains a small amount of minerals.

4. Hormone Royal jelly contains hormones, which can regulate physiological functions and material metabolism.

Specific examples include progestin, epinephrine, insulin-like hormones, etc. Generally, each gram of royal jelly contains a few micrograms and the content is very small.

5. The enzyme royal jelly contains cholinease, acid phosphatase, glucose oxidase, amylase, etc., which can play a corresponding health care role.

Small amount of effect Royal jelly is not high in main ingredients and its consumption is small, but its health care effect is very significant.

According to analysis, the health effect of royal jelly is not the effect of a certain ingredient, it may be that it can stimulate human vitality and thus play a role.

1. Anti-aging people have long discovered that the queen queen and worker bees hatch and develop from the same type of eggs. The difference is that queen larvae always eat royal jelly, while worker bees eat royal jelly only for the first three days in the larval stage and honeyAnd pollen mixture.

As a result, the queen bee lives up to 7?

Years, and worker bees can only live for 30?

0 days.

Regarding the anti-aging mechanism of royal jelly, humans have not fully figured it out, but many people at home and abroad take royal jelly for a long time. They can flourish and not easily aging, indicating that it also has anti-aging effects on people.

2. A large number of experiments on anti-cancer and anti-cancer prove that royal jelly has certain anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

It is generally believed that royal jelly acid in royal jelly has a good anti-cancer effect.

3. Improve sleep and promote gastrointestinal function. After absorbing royal jelly, most people feel good sleep, eat well, and devour.

The effects of fragile people taking royal jelly are obvious.

4, beneficial to the cardiovascular system Royal jelly contains substances similar to acetylcholine, which can improve blood meteors and reduce blood pressure in the human body, and can be used as an adjuvant treatment of blood cholesterol and glycerol triphosphate abnormalities.

Doctors from the Soviet Union and Agenyan used royal jelly to treat vascular sclerosis, arrhythmia, fast heartbeat and bradycardia, with good results.

5. Women’s beauty, menopausal women’s health. Women who take royal jelly for a long time have delicate and elastic skin.

Royal jelly is more effective in treating women’s menopause syndrome, irregular menstruation, infertility, etc.

6, reduce the symptoms of diabetes Because royal jelly contains insulin-like substances, can reduce blood sugar in human blood, so after taking royal jelly in diabetic patients, symptoms can be significantly relieved.