[Is it easy to give birth to a boy by eating alkaline foods?

[Is it easy to give birth to a boy by eating alkaline foods?

To have a boy is the expectation of many families. In order to increase the chance of increasing the number of boys, people have come up with a variety of methods, one of which is considered to be simple food that is easy to give birth to a boy.

In fact, there is no authoritative scientific basis for this at present, but one thing is certain, that is, in order to conceive a healthy fetus, it is possible to appropriately improve the physique of the prospective parents.

Why alkaline food is easy to produce Boys have delicate and complex designs. From the digestive system to the excretory system, the respiratory system precisely controls the acid-base balance. Simply drinking alkaline water and eating alkaline foods cannot change the female reproductive tract.PH.

In the process of fertilization, sperm from the vagina through the uterus, cervix to the fallopian tube, these women’s reproductive tracts have different acid and alkali environments, and the pH must be maintained within a certain range to ensure normal physiological functions.

Under normal circumstances, women’s vagina is an acidic environment, which can effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

The female uterus has a neutral environment and the fallopian tubes have a weakly alkaline environment.

Eggs are very sensitive to pH during fertilization. If the pH value changes, whether it becomes smaller or larger, it will affect the completion of fertilization and may cause infertility.

In fact, a significant change in the pH of the female reproductive tract often means the presence of breakdown or pathology.

For example, the imbalance of the flora in the vagina leads to an increase in acidity, which leads to the inhibition of the growth of beneficial lactic acid bacteria that secrete acid, and the growth of harmful bacteria is strong, and women are susceptible to vaginitis. Some patients with blocked fallopian tubes have tubal effusionAlkaline is much higher than normal.

Therefore, it is expected that adjusting the body to an “alkaline constitution” through the diet will increase the chances of having a son. It is better to spend more time balancing the distribution, pay attention to physical exercise, maintain a cheerful mood, improve physical fitness, and do a good job of having a healthy babyready.

What are the benefits of eating more alkaline foods? In a healthy state, the pH value of the human body should be weakly alkaline. Cereals, fish, poultry, and eggs are used as acidic foods in daily diet.

Acidic foods have high levels of lactic acid and uric acid in the blood.

When organic acids cannot be excreted in time, it will erode sensitive epidermal cells, causing the skin to lose its delicateness and elasticity, and become rough and dull.

Fresh vegetables, fruits, soybeans, potatoes, and milk have a high content of alkaline inorganic salts, which can quickly neutralize the acidic substances in the body and become non-toxic compounds to replace the body, and maintain the blood in a relatively ideal weak alkaline state.Keeps skin smooth and hydrated.

Vegetables such as carrots, spinach, canola, and fruits such as apricots and persimmons contain carotene.

The alkaline substances, inorganic salts and vitamins contained in these foods can regulate the metabolism of the skin and sweat glands, making the skin moisturizing and smooth.