[How to make rice cake soup]_ rice cake soup _ how to make _ how to make

[How to make rice cake soup]_ rice cake soup _ how to make _ how to make

Rice cake is an extremely delicious snack, which is eaten by every household every Spring Festival. Among them, rice cake soup is a common way of eating, which has a nourishing effect on the human body.

The method of rice cake soup is not complicated, and you can operate it at home, but it should be noted that rice cakes can only be put in when the cabbage is cooked.

First, the practice of rice cake soup 1, the green cabbage and rice cake will be prepared.

2. Take an appropriate amount of green Chinese cabbage, wash and cut into small pieces, wash and cut rice cakes into slices, and cut the ginger slices for later use.

3. Turn on low heat, pour oil in the pan and put ginger slices.

4. When the oil temperature is a little hot, fry the ginger slices in it.

5. Pour the chopped green Chinese cabbage.

6, add salt, the amount of salt can be adjusted according to taste, but must not be too much.

7, stir the fire a few times.

8. Pour the chopped rice cakes.

9. Stir fry over medium heat.

10, add rice wine, this amount should be less, not more than 5g.

11. Add soy sauce and stir fry.

12, pour in the right amount of water, if you like more soup, then the amount of seasoning will be heavier, the soup here is not particularly large.

13. After the soup and rice cakes are mixed and boiled, turn off the heat and add MSG.

14, finally stir fry.

Precautions Green cabbage should be fried to about 7 minutes before pouring into rice cakes.

Second, the purchase of rice cakes tips on how to identify the problem rice cakes, experts provide three methods: identify the color, white and smooth, bright-colored rice cakes to keep an eye on the smell; smell, sulfur fumigation will always leave off odor, sulfur smokeThe sour water mill odor of pasted rice cakes will be relatively heavy; observe the surface of rice cakes, if there are red spots the size of mung bean on the surface of rice cakes, it is likely to be smoked by sulfur, because the water vapor emitted during the fumigation of sulfur powder will condense and fall onRed cakes sometimes form on the surface of rice cakes.