[Can you eat leek during breastfeeding]_Breastfeeding_Can you eat

[Can you eat leek during breastfeeding]_Breastfeeding_Can you eat

Every mother knows that there will be a lot of taboos during pregnancy, and there are many things you ca n’t eat during breastfeeding, because the food that mothers eat is transformed into breast milk to feed the baby, and there are many foods that will return to milk after eating.Therefore, mothers who are breast-feeding must pay attention when eating. In addition to eating, mothers cannot breastfeed when they are angry or when they are just out of breath. The baby can be poisoned by absorbing the milk of toxins., Severe cases get sick.

Can leeks be eaten during breastfeeding? Breastfeeding can be eaten with chives, and chives scrambled eggs are the most commonly eaten food by lactating women.

The benefits of leeks in breastfeeding women: 1) relieve constipation leeks are rich in vitamins and crude fibers, which can wrap hair, grit, metal shavings and even needles in the digestive tract, and excrete them from the body, promote digestion, and relieve them.The effect of constipation.

2) Promote milk secretion Leek is a popular milk dish.

If there is insufficient milk secretion during lactation and there is no milk, you can eat chives in moderation to promote milk secretion.

Leek is likely to be consumed by the general population.

For example, people like constipation, postpartum milk deficiencies, cold constitution, etc.

However, people with eye deficiency and weak spleen and stomach should be used with caution, such as yin deficiency and fire.

Chives not only have high nutritional value, but also have a certain medicinal value. It has a good effect on the halo that occurs in postpartum women. At the same time, it is also effective in treating female uterine prolapse, heat stroke coma, hemorrhoids, urticaria and other diseases.

Can babies eat chives? Babies can eat chives, but they should be eaten less, because chives are hot foods. It is best for babies with a high internal fire to eat less, and this vegetable is not easy to digest.

Leek is rich in protein, sugar, minerals calcium, iron and phosphorus, provitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin c and nicotinic acid, as well as compounds and bitterness.

It has the functions of dispel cold and dissipate blood stasis, enhance physical strength, and can increase appetite, chives can continue to strengthen bones and heals injuries.

However, those with yin deficiency and heat and eyes disease should not eat.

Chives have a laxative effect, because chives contain a large amount of vitamins in crude fiber, which can treat constipation and prevent bowel cancer. For constipation in babies, you can also relieve them by eating chives.

For babies with urticaria, you can also treat it with chives and licorice.

Allergic babies can also be treated by eating chives.

Leek has high nutritional value and high medicinal value, but it is not suitable to eat this vegetable blindly, especially for babies, it is better to eat it in moderation, because it is not easy to digest.