[Is it true or false that potato cures eczema]_ efficacy _ effect

[Is it true or false that potato cures eczema]_ efficacy _ effect

Now there are very folk folk remedies that eating potatoes can effectively remove the body’s moisture, and eating potatoes often can effectively cure eczema. This can only be believed. According to current medical research, potatoes have the ability to remove blood and remove blood stasis.Effect, but potatoes do not contain any special ingredients that can fight eczema.

It is important to know that eczema itself is caused by a variety of factors, so during a small amount of eczema, there are actually many contraindications.

Explanation: Eczema is a dermatological disease with pleomorphic skin lesions and prone to complications due to multiple internal and external factors.

The etiology is complex, the condition is easy to repeat, and can be left unhealed for many years.

The main symptom is pruritus retina.

In addition, the most important thing in the treatment of eczema patients is to find the cause of the onset or exacerbation, such as working environment, living habits, thoughts and emotions, etc. The conditions allow for allergen detection, such as skin puncture test or skin patch test., And the detection of specific antibodies in the blood, found suspicious allergens.

Now many people are trying potatoes to cure eczema. So, can potatoes cure eczema? Let ‘s take a look at what experts said is that there is no scientific basis at all. External application of mashed potatoes has a certain effect of activating blood and removing blood stasis, but it has no effect on eczema.Vinegar can kill bacteria, but it can’t cure eczema, but it can irritate the skin. So I do n’t want to listen to these prescriptions. It does n’t work, sometimes it will be counterproductive. The best way is to apply Chinese medicine externally.


Cream), which is replaced by a variety of medicinal materials. The medicine can be directly subcutaneously, eliminated and eliminated without any replacement. It has reached more than 90% for skin problems such as eczema. It has been listed as an intangible cultural heritage and can be found on the mobile phone network.So is there any contraindication to eczema in life?

1. Avoid hot scalding eczema in the acute stage. Due to the expansion of the capillaries inside the skin, there will be varying degrees of skin redness, pimples, and blisters.

Wash or soak with hot water, redness and swelling worsen, too much permeate, aggravate the condition.

Therefore, patients with dermatitis and eczema should use warm water spray, and should not be soaked in hot water and rubbed vigorously.

2. Avoid scratching. Scratching the skin continuously and mechanically will make it thicker, which will cause skin infection.

Moreover, scratching will not only stop itching, it will begin to strengthen the effect, the patient will be more scratching and itching, more itching and scratching, the formation of a vicious cycle, thereby prolonging the course of disease.

3, avoid irritating food chili, wine, strong tea, coffee and other irritating foods, not only easily cause itching and exacerbation, but also easy to make eczema worse or relapse, so it must be contraindicated in daily diet.