[How to seduce male goddess-]

[How does the son-in-law seduce the male god?

The son-in-laws shouted “male god marries me” at the photo of the male god every day, and then shouted while eating ice cream and drinking on skewers.

Unless the male god is blind, why would he look at you like this?

Throw away the ice cream right away, organize yourself from the inside out, and boldly seduce the male god!

Make him think that you are the most frugal generations of us. Most of the 80s are only children and are the treasures of parents.

Many people have never known what hardship and hard work are from an early age.

If you show your diligence and frugality in front of the male god, then the male god will surely wink.

If you feel that the bus is crowded every day at work, you must take a taxi. Do you dare the male god approach you?

“How can this prodigal girl support her?

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